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Aaron Afran

Resident Physician
Headshot of Aaron Afran

Radeeb Akhtar

Program Director, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Program
Headshot of Radeeb Akhtar

Naushad Amin

Director of Inpatient Service
Headshot placeholder for Naushad Amin

Romulo A. Aromin

Associate Director, Psychiatry
Headshot placeholder for Romulo A. Aromin

Carmen Chen

Resident Physician
Headshot of Carmen Chen

Katherine Chung

Resident Physician
Headshot of Katherine Chung

Jesse Cole

Resident Physician
Headshot placeholder for Jesse Cole

Jordan Coleman

Resident Physician
Headshot of Jordan Coleman

Holly Ellison

Headshot placeholder for Holly Ellison

Michelle Falcon

Program Director, Behavioral Health
Headshot of Michelle Falcon

Kristen Gavidia

Resident Physician
Headshot of Kristen Gavidia

Ginger Gillespie

Family Physician; Medical Director, The Institute for Family Health at 17th Street
Headshot of Ginger Gillespie

Robert Goldberg

Headshot of Robert Goldberg

Nailah Harvey

Resident Physician
Headshot of Nailah Harvey

Yasmin Hashemi

Attending Physician
Headshot of Yasmin Hashemi

Lauren Hoogewerff

Assistant Program Director; Faculty Physician
Headshot of Lauren Hoogewerff

Michela Isono

Resident Physician
Headshot of Michela Isono

Joshua Issack

Family Physician; Preceptor
Headshot of Joshua Issack

Hannah Lee

Mental Health Clinician
Headshot of Hannah Lee

Ruth Lesnewski

Family Physician
Headshot of Ruth Lesnewski