InstituteLink Improves Healthcare

InstituteLink is designed for use by physicians, other healthcare professionals and their authorized staff to facilitate the secure transfer of medical information and knowledge:

  • To coordinate treatment and medical care for our mutual patients;
  • To refer patients and set initial and follow up appointments;
  • To automatically receive patient event and referral notifications;
  • To promote the health and wellness of the communities we serve.

InstituteLink is an on-line, secure web portal that allows health and social service providers to share patient care information with the Institute for Family Health. When healthcare partners sign up for InstituteLink, the Institute provides that partner access to patients’ electronic health record data, the ability to communicate with The Institute For Family Health to provide quality coordinated patient care, quickly refer patients and receive referrals. InstituteLink is completely secure and patient authorization is required before we can share information.

InstituteLink is comprised of different web pages or activities, that correspond to various tasks.  The activity that you use depends on what you want to accomplish.

For more information on how to join InstituteLink contact Sarah Milone at