Policy and System Change

At Bronx Health REACH we believe that in order to truly eliminate health disparity, the policies and systems that allow inequity to occur must be changed. This is hard work that requires tackling competing interests, political processes, and complex institutional systems. However, since Bronx Health REACH began its campaign for health equity in 1999, there have been some notable milestones in our policy work, including our successful initiative to eliminate whole milk in New York City public schools and our ongoing efforts to end the segregated specialty care system in New York State through legal and legislative action.

Our coalition has been at the forefront of efforts to educate policymakers and legislators about promoting accessible and high quality models of care and addressing the environmental factors that contribute to health disparity. Bronx Health REACH meets regularly with local elected officials to advocate for change in health policy and works in partnership with many organizations to make quality healthcare more readily available and equitable in underserved communities. In addition, the coalition raises awareness in schools, churches, and communities on how to implement nutrition and fitness policies that promote healthy eating, physical activity, and access to fresh, affordable food.