Health Education

Bronx Health REACH’s initial health education efforts focused on diabetes education and self-management. Through its “Got Sugar?” initiative, participants learned about diabetes and how to stay healthy. Currently, Bronx Health REACH’s Faith-Based Outreach Initiative include a diabetes prevention program and a diabetes education and support group. Bronx Health REACH also provides nutrition and fitness education to groups of individuals in schools, churches, and other settings.

Got Sugar?

Funded by the New York State Office of Minority Health, the “Got Sugar?” initiative was an education and diabetes self-management program held at two of the Institute’s family practices in the Bronx. Patients attended a workshop series led by a nutritionist, a community health advocate, and a physician. Family and friends that wanted to attend and who were caregivers for the diabetic patient were encouraged to join the workshop and learn how to help the patient better manage his/her condition. Participants were taught about the importance of managing blood sugar, eating well, and scheduling annual exams to check eyes and feet. Upon completion of the program, interested participants were able to schedule a one-on-one session with the nutritionist to devise an individualized nutrition plan to better manage their diabetes. You can download “Got Sugar?” materials in our resource center under diabetes materials.