Nuestros líderes

Nuestros líderes

Consejo de administración

El Institute cuenta con certificación federal para operar nuestros centros de salud comunitarios, por tal motivo el Consejo de Administración del Institute incluye varios pacientes de las comunidades que servimos.

Personal ejecutivo

El personal ejecutivo del Institute proporciona el liderazgo y la visión para todos nuestros programas.

Neil Calman, MD, ABFP, FAAFP
Co-founder, President & CEO

Vicepresidentes superiores

a href=”” title=”Edward Fried”>Edward Fried, MA
Senior Vice President, Administration

Maxine Golub, MPH
Senior Vice President, Planning and Development

Virna Little, PsyD, LCSW-R, SAP
Senior Vice President, Psychosocial Services and Community Affairs

Nicole Nurse, RN, BSN, MBA
Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Compliance

Robert Schiller, MD, ABFP
Senior Vice President, Clinical Affairs
Chair, Graduate Medical Education, Institute for Family Health
Chair, Beth Israel Department of Family Medicine


Carol Bouton
Vice President, Business Development

Steve Carter
Vice President, Facilities

Kathleen Cresswell
Chief Information Officer, Practice Operations

Yvonne Eisner, RN, C, FNP
Co-founder, Institute for Family Health
Vice President, Clinical Services
Clinical Director, Bronx Region and Walton Family Health Center

Michele Flournoy
Assistant Vice President, Labor Relations

Kwame Kitson, MD
Vice President, Continuous Quality Improvement

Michelle Penny
Assistant Vice President, Clinical Administrative Services

Alan Woghin, CPA, MS
Vice President, Finance / Chief Financial Officer


Eric Gayle, MD, FAAFP
Director, Clinical Services – New York City

Sarah Nosal, MD
Chief Medical Information Officer

Walter Woodley, MD
Director, Clinical Services – Mid-Hudson


El Institute for Family Health fue fundado por Neil Calman, MD; James J. Deary III, MA, EdD; Yvonne Eisner, RN, C, FNP; y Eric Walsh, MD.