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Family Medicine Resident Elective in Reproductive Health Care

Mount Sinai Downtown Residency in Urban Family Medicine

The purpose of this experience is to provide residents with hands-on experience performing procedures in the full spectrum of women’s reproductive health care. The experiences are twofold: to provide residents with exposure to health care and training at Planned Parenthood and to provide them with experience in a practice where reproductive health care is integrated or mainstreamed into routine family medical practice.

High Volume Site – Planned Parenthood of NYC

The residents on this rotation will receive exposure to full-spectrum reproductive health care at Planned Parenthood of New York City. The clinical training manual that is used is the UCSF “EA Training Workbook.” A packet of reading materials is also given to the resident at the beginning of the rotation. Residents will observe and occasionally assist providers providing options counseling to women experiencing unintended pregnancies including medication and procedural options, as well as conducting ultrasounds.

Full-spectrum Reproductive Health Care Mainstreamed: Community Health Center

Residents will also participate in reproductive health care procedure sessions at a busy community health center in Manhattan. Residents will counsel women on options for unintended pregnancy, and provide medications, procedures, and follow-up visits. They will also provide contraceptive counseling, insert IUDs and Implanons, and do minor gynecological procedures such as endometrial biopsy, diaphragm and pessary fitting, wart treatments, bartholin cyst drainage, etc. Since this is a general procedure session, where other residents performing dermatology and ambulatory surgery are present doing procedures as well, the reproductive health procedures are integrated into the general family medicine procedural template and mainstreamed into the practice. The resident may also be assigned one Saturday in the Women’s Health Free Clinic. An additional list of readings is provided, and the text used is “Procedures in Primary Care.” The residents will also take part in the Wednesday AM article readings and discussions, including presenting one of the articles during the rotation.