Model for Change

This model comprises a comprehensive approach to making health equality a reality by recognizing that health disparity cannot be eliminated without eliminating the underlying causes. It also recognizes that it takes a community working together to bring about lasting change.

The approach begins by identifying the bold goal of achieving health equality. For Bronx Health REACH, this means:

  • Everyone has access to the right care, at the right time, and at the right place.
  • Everyone has the knowledge they need to promote their health and participate in their care.
  • People of color share equally in the technical and scientific advances in medical care and have the same outcomes and life expectancies.

Next, Bronx Health REACH identifies the roles that systems and communities play in bringing about change for the better. On the system side, this means looking at the practices of health providers, the structure of the healthcare delivery system, and the structure of the healthcare financing system. It also means looking at the local environment in terms of how it did (or did not) support health and positive health behavior, as well as analyzing state and federal policy and regulations that could be used to affect change.

On the community side, Bronx Health REACH looks at the role of faith and community-based organizations in promoting change at the individual, organizational, community, and policy level.

Finally, the Bronx Health REACH model involves implementing a range of community-driven solutions. These include maintaining and growing a strong coalition; mobilizing the community and providing health education and programs; and advocating for system change in policy and practice.