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Faith-Based Outreach Initiative

Faith-based institutions play a critical role in reaching out to community members and providing information that will improve the lives of their congregants and communities. As many faith-based leaders connect physical health to spiritual health, they are in a unique position to incorporate health messages into church activities. The historic ties between the faith-based community and the civil rights movement have also motivated clergy and congregants to advocate for health equity in their communities.

The Bronx Health REACH Faith-Based Outreach Initiative helps faith organizations – of all denominations – provide health programming around nutrition and fitness, diabetes prevention and management, and health disparities to their constituents. Through the Initiative, churches establish health ministries that distribute information and organize health activities such as:

To date, 22 faith-based organizations in the Bronx and Northern Manhattan participate in the Bronx Health REACH Faith-Based Outreach Initiative. In addition, Bronx Health REACH provides technical assistance to other similar initiatives, including a Legacy Project in Virginia.

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