The Institute Expands Access to “OpenNotes” Visit Notes for Patients
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The Institute Expands Access to “OpenNotes” Visit Notes for Patients

June 30, 2021

The Institute is proud be part of “OpenNotes,” a national effort to give patients access to their health care visit notes. Studies show that people generally only remember about 40% of what is said...

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The Institute and Social Security Administration Collaborate to Make Social Security Disability Process More Efficient

October 26, 2017

The SSA will receive medical records within minutes or hours, as compared to weeks through the traditional manual process (mail, fax, or secure website). The electronic process saves time and money.

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The Institute’s Zero Suicide Initiative used as Model by Epic Systems

May 4, 2016

Epic Systems recently used the Institute’s Zero Suicide efforts as a model or use-case for other healthcare organizations. The document, entitled “Preventing Suicides in Primary Care Settings” detailed how the Institute integrates mental health into...

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