Immigrant Health Care Services
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Immigrant Health Care Services

Call the Following If You Need…

Free Legal Consultation: New York Lawyers for the Public Interest; (212) 244-4664
(Intake times: Monday-Friday 10am–5pm);
Free legal consultation and representation if you need health insurance, immigration assistance, if you are undocumented and/or have a health concern. If you are applying for immigration relief, you may then be eligible for Medicaid.

Health Insurance: Public Health Solutions; (347) 380-1106
Speak with a certified navigator about free or low cost health plans, or to see if you qualify or are able to renew your health insurance (Medicaid, Child Health Plus, Essential Plan & Qualified Health Plans).

Safe and Confidential Healthcare: The Institute for Family Health; (646) 832-7144
(Tuesday-Friday 8am-4pm);
Health centers offer safe and confidential in-person care for primary, mental, dental, social services, HIV/AIDS, Women’s Health Care and Diabetes. Now offering Telehealth (video or phone) visits for primary care access from home, using any phone, tablet or computer.

All calls are confidential.