The Staten Island Family Health Care Coalition and Project Hospitality Inc.

The Staten Island Family Health Care Coalition’s Legacy Project provided diabetes education and screening at more than 30 health fairs in Staten Island targeting African American, Latino and West African communities. In addition, they held two weekly diabetes screening events at Staten Island community organizations. Over 800 individuals were screened, with more than 150 positive results prompting referrals to follow-up care. The Staten Island Family Health Care Coalition was founded to address the glaring disparities in health care and access to health care on Staten Island. The mission of the coalition is to advocate for changes in health care policy, program and practice in order to fully ensure that all Staten Islanders, regardless of ethnicity, color, country of origin, or ability to pay, have access to quality, affordable health care, are empowered to become educated consumers of health care, and are advocates of healthy lifestyles at home, work, school, and play.

Project Hospitality Inc. is a private not for profit whose mission is to reach out to community members who are hungry, homeless or otherwise in need in order to work with them to achieve their self-sufficiency — thereby enhancing the quality of life for the community. Project Hospitality seeks to realize its mission both by advocating for those in need and by establishing a comprehensive continuum of care including food, clothing, health care, mental health, vocational training, and legal assistance.