Institute for Family Health Selected as Bronx Borough-Lead by the Partnership for a Healthier NYC

June 27, 2012

The Institute for Family Health is proud to announce that after a competitive process, we have been selected as a Borough Lead Organization by the Partnership for a Healthier New York City. The Partnership, funded through a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Community Transformation Grant (CTG) received by the New York City Health Department, aims to improve the health of all New Yorkers, specifically focusing on healthy eating, active living, tobacco control and reduced alcohol consumption. By addressing issues in the external environments that impact these health behaviors, the Partnership seeks to reduce the citywide burden of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

As a Borough Lead, the Institute for Family Health, is organizing and leading a borough-wide coalition of community partners that will work with the Partnership to identify and implement evidence-based and innovative health promotion strategies. Examples of such strategies include reducing consumption of sugary drinks, decreasing sales of tobacco and alcohol to underage youth, and increasing the availability of affordable healthy foods and beverages, especially in underserved communities. Interventions will be tailored to the needs and characteristics of communities, as determined by the borough-wide coalition. 

Borough-wide coalitions are being established in all five boroughs, led by the Borough Leads listed below:

Brooklyn: Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation     
Bronx: Institute for Family Health
Manhattan: Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
Queens: Make the Road New York
Staten Island: Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness

Together we will all work closely with the Partnership to ensure meaningful and sustainable improvements in the physical and emotional well-being of all New Yorkers.

For more information about the Partnership, contact: 646-619-6499. To learn more about our work as a Borough Lead, or to join our coalition, contact Emma Rodgers at 212-633-0800 ext. 1249.